About Us

Paul Wayne Bowman

Owner of No Excuses Ladies Boot Camp

~ Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author
~ Health & Fitness Coach
~ Personal Trainer
~ Martial Arts Instructor
~ 4th Degree Black Belt

My 6 Core Values

1. Great Life Experiences: Fun, Passion, Enthusiasm, “your” path, live intentionally

2. Help People: support, empathy, understanding, listen, respect, compassion, connect, patience, not just tolerate difference but celebrate it.

3. Responsibility: integrity, hard work, follow through, genuine, financially responsible, gratitude

4. Constant Improvement: accountability, clarity, focus, commitment, 80/20, prioritize, education

5. Family & Friends

6. Health & Fitness

The challenge to myself, which I accept:

Demonstrate, practice and live what I value.

Before relocating to Florida for warmer weather I was the chief instructor of a fitness & martial arts facility in Keene NH for 10 years, helping numerous students on their path to better eating, fitness & overall health.

You will find my Kindle books at HelpMePublishing.com

(863) 978-8941

Christi Holby

Owner of Leap Boutique

“Fashion Fairy Godmother” – Paula Blackwelder. The Ledger
Master’s in Science & Education

My 6 Core Values

1. Live with a servant heart.

2. Live intentionally – follow my values, live them, do not compromise.

3. Never stop learning.

4. Surround myself with positivity, do my best to fix negativity, or else let the negativity go.

5. Be thankful for everything – enough.

6. Love people for who they are, not what they do.

After spending ten years as a college administrator at a local university, I took my leap of faith, and opened Leap Boutique, a small, department store quality consignment boutique. Not truly knowing what I was getting myself into, I followed my core values, and surrounded myself with strong resources and networked with a number of amazing fellow business owners (including Mr. Bowman), and have learned everything to this point as I’ve gone along. I look forward to learning and growing, as a continuous process, and assisting as many people as I can along the way. I am a firm believer that in a small town, if one succeeds, we can all succeed!
My greatest accomplishment in life is being a mom to two amazing children. I’m incredibly blessed that this “leap” has allowed me to focus on being closer to home with them. 
(863) 651-3385


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